Pet-Friendly Apartments with UTD LIVING
Dogs and cats are welcome!

Looking for a pet-friendly Apartment within the heart of Bangkok, Thailand? Look no further! UTD LIVING offers affordable pet-friendly locations because let’s face it: Leaving your best friend behind isn't a possibility. We provide several locations that suit your needs and as well as your furred friends’ because they have to feel at home as much as you are doing.

We also go the additional mile to make sure your companion is as comfy as you're with our residences and amenities. Our “UTD Apartments Sukhumvit” features an outdoor space, which is great for socializing for both you and your pet! For further convenience, explore the "Onnut area", which offers a full-service dog grooming salon and several pet-shops!

Whether you’re searching for a dog-friendly community or a cat-friendly community – or both – UTD-LIVING has an apartment community to suit your lifestyle. Please do not hesitate and write us today to learn more about our pet-friendly apartments.