Pet-Friendly Apartments with UTD LIVING
Dogs and cats are welcome!

Looking for a pet-friendly Apartment within the heart of Bangkok, Thailand? Look no further! UTD LIVING offers affordable pet-friendly locations because let’s face it: Leaving your best friend behind isn't a possibility. We provide several locations that suit your needs and as well as your furred friends’ because they have to feel at home as much as you are doing.

We also go the additional mile to make sure your companion is as comfy as you're with our residences and amenities. Our “UTD Apartments Sukhumvit” features an outdoor space, which is great for socializing for both you and your pet! For further convenience, explore the "Onnut area", which offers a full-service dog grooming salon and several pet-shops!

Whether you’re searching for a dog-friendly community or a cat-friendly community – or both – UTD-LIVING has an apartment community to suit your lifestyle. Please do not hesitate and write us today to learn more about our pet-friendly apartments.

Dogs and Cats are Welcome at UTD LIVING

If you own a dog or cat, then you know the struggles of finding a place to live that is accepting of your pet and will let you bring your pet to your residence. Many apartment buildings and living spaces out there won’t even entertain the idea of dogs and cats while others charge insanely high amounts to have you bring your beloved pet to your living area. However, UTD LIVING is different from all the rest. We realize the importance that a pet can have in your life and at our facility, we are passionate about providing our residents with the very best living experience possible. Part of that is having an accepting pets policy.

Not just your home--theirs too

At UTD LIVING, we understand the relationship between pet and owner. Oftentimes, our residents consider their pets to be their best friends and companions that help them get through life. When you are moving, you know better than anyone else that leaving behind your friend just isn’t an option. If you are looking for a place to live that you can also bring your furry friend to, then look no further. At UTD LIVING On Nut, we are a pet-friendly community that recognizes that it’s not just a home for people, but also their furry friends.

Going the extra mile

At our pet-friendly facilities around Bangkok, you’ll notice that we not only happily open our doors to pets, but also go the extra mile to ensure that they are comfortable in their new home and you are happy with the level of activity and fun you are able to have with your pet. One of the ways that we do this is by providing an outdoor space that you can take your pets to in order to get their energy out or just get some outdoor time. In addition, you can use the space to mingle with other tenants and get to know their furry friends! This truly gives you the feeling of a pet-friendly community and shows you exactly how committed we are to providing a space for pet owners and pets to feel safe and welcome.

The only choice

If you are looking for a place to live that is ready to take in you and your pet, then look no further. UTD LIVING has everything you could want in a pet-friendly apartment building and living area. Aside from the many benefits we offer to pet owners, we also feature an innovative, updated, and renovated place to live that you will be proud and happy to occupy. If you’re tired of working with uncooperative landlords and rentals that refuse to admit your pet, then come see us to learn about the rental options that we have to offer.